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Child baptisms at St. Augustine’s are celebrated about every three or four weeks, on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm. If you are planning a baptism, here are some things to consider:

  • The family must be registered members of St. Augustine’s Parish. (certain exceptions can be made, contact the office for details).
  • Sponsors (God-parents) must be baptized Catholics, in good standing with the Church and not the parent of the child,
  • A brief instruction in preparation for baptism is given the Sunday preceding the baptism day, in the church, following the 10:30 am. mass. This instruction is for the parents. Sponsor are welcome to come as well.
  • Registration for baptism is made by calling the parish office during regular office hours.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the formal preparation and instruction of adults who wish to be baptized in the Catholic Church. Adults already baptized in the Christian Faith follow this program as well. The following are some points of information:

  • Preparation and instruction is given in a group setting which meets on a weekday evening beginning in the Fall and continuing through to Easter when baptism is celebrated during the Eater Vigil.
  • Each candidate chooses a baptiszed Catholic to join them as their sponsor.
  • The process begins with a personal interview to determine a candidate’s readiness and freedom to begin this process.
  • Contact the parish office for more information.



Marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacred bond and a sacrament. Catholic belief and practice has always seen marriage as God’s created institution by which human love and procreation are bound together in a unbreakable covenant for life, thus becoming the origin and foundation of the family, the first community of faith. Only those couples who genuinely desire a true Catholic Christian marriage and are prepared to accept the duties and obligations that are inherent in Christian marriage may be married in the Church.

A pastoral interview is the first step and establishes a couple’s readiness to enter Christian marriage. Only then is consideration given to dates and times. To arrange for a marriage interview call Fr. Love our pastor to make an appointment. (SEE NEXT >>>> )

The following are some points for consideration

  • A marriage preparation will be required. St. Augustine’s offers such a program.
  • One of the couples must be a parishioner of St. Augustine’s residing in the parish or a member of a family residing in the parish.
  • Catholic parties must see regular Sunday mass attendance as part of their preparation for marriage.
  • If a previous marriage has existed, freedom to enter a second marriage will have to be established before a marriage can be booked.
  • Premarital cohabitation is in conflict with Catholic moral teaching. Engagement is a time to deepen a couple’s love through the practice of Chastity.



Children attending Catholic school receive their instruction in the Faith through the school. For children not attending Catholic school there is a program of catechism instruction arranged through the parish that parents may follow. It includes the following:

  • A Catechetical Correspondence Course. Lessons are mailed to the home where parents work with their children to complete and return for marking.
  • Periodic meetings with the parish coordinator for further support and guidance.
  • For children preparing for First Communion or Confirmation, participation in the parent meetings and the parish celebration of these sacraments.

For further information and registration forms contact the parish office.

Each Sunday, Oct. to May at the 9:00 am Mass, St. Augustine’s provides a liturgy experience directed to young children. Children in the junior and senior kindergarten and primary age group may participate. Some points of information:

  • Parents register their children at Sunday Mass.
  • The children leave the congregation following the opening prayer of the mass and retire to the main sacristy room.
  • At the Offertory of the Mass the children return to their family.
  • Children’s Liturgy begins in the Fall and concludes in May.
  • We do not have a baby sitting service at this time.

This is a parent run program. If you would like to offer your assistance call the parish office for further information.



St. Augustine’s offers instruction in natural family planning to both engaged couples as well as married couples. For information contact Dr. Tony Kerigan and Carol Kerigan,

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