First parish of the diocese, Hamilton 1827


St. Augustine Church, built 1864
Our  parish of St Augustine’s is the Mother Parish of the Diocese of Hamilton. In 1827, Fr. James Campion built a small wooden chapel in Dundas, marking the beginning of  St. Augustine’s Parish. The first baptism recorded in our register is August 06, 1827, and since then a vibrant community of faith has called St. Augustine’s  home to this very day. (photo courtesy of Dundas Museum and Archives – GN-0060) To learn more, click here: Parish History
Chalice, presented to Father Feeney, Dec. 24, 1884

Mass and Devotions times

Weekend Mass Times: Saturday at 5 p.m.; Sunday at 9 a.m. & 11 a.m.
Weekday Mass Times: Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 8 a.m.

Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturdays 3:45 to 4:40 p.m. (last penitent at 4:30 p.m.);  and by appointment

Public Rosary: following the Wednesday-Friday morning Masses.
Eucharistic Adoration & Benediction: from end of Wednesday morning Mass to 7 p.m. – Recommences Wednesday, October 12, to Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Perpetual Help Novena: following the Thursday morning Mass
Compline (Night Prayer): NEXT — TBA


Parish News

Thanks from “Sally Ann”

Our local Salvation Army Services has sent a letter of "great appreciation" to the parish, thanking our congregation for

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Pastor’s Reflections

A greater dignity

Mass readings for The Ascension of the Lord:Acts 1.1-11 Psalm 47.1-2, 5-8 Ephesians 1.17-23 Matthew 28.16-20 We often look at events like the Ascension as something, for a lack of a better way of putting it, something that happens to Jesus. The Son of God returns to God the Father where he is seated at […]

The gate

Mass readings for the 4th Sunday of Easter:Acts 2.14a, 36-41 Psalm 23 1 Peter 2.20-25 John 10.1-10 Today we celebrate Jesus as the “good shepherd” and, not incidentally, we celebrate and pray for vocations in the Church. That is especially apt as we listen to Jesus’ words concerning shepherds, that is “pastors” (pastor is the […]

What were they talking about?

Mass readings for the 3rd Sunday of Easter:Acts 2.14, 22-28 Psalm 16.1-2, 5, 7-11 1 Peter 1.17-21 Luke 24.13-35 The story of the Road to Emmaus is remembered for its conversation: the one that Jesus has with his two disciples who listen to him as they walk away from Jerusalem without realizing who it is […]

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