Parish Hall Renewal Project

Detail of revised plan from project committee (July 7, 2020) Note: raised “stage” area removed in favour of purchase of portable risers; creation of office and meeting room adjacent to hall; “garage” area reduced to function as storage for gardening equipment and provide an inside workshop.
Revised plan (July 7, 2020) with proposed wall treatment and interior windows into office and meeting space, new doors.

Comments are welcome on this design proposal. Parish council will be considering the proposal and reflecting on parishioner feedback. A subcommittee to make a final proposal will be struck shortly to work with the designer and develop a detailed budget and arrange for contractors. The hope is to have the bulk of the work, that is the new floor and lighting, finished by late September.

One important aspect of the design is the placing of all meeting space on the ground level, expanding that space, and moving our storage to the below grade areas of the parish centre. This is in keeping with diocesan guidelines that meetings be held in “visible” areas of the parish facilities, and be readily accessible. The small elevator that provides access to the basement meeting space for those with mobility issues is currently out of service; putting it back in service will involve the installation of new machinery, not simply a repair. A full costing of that has not been provided.

Goal Achieved!

Our Goal: $270,000
  Raised/Pledged: $283,468

For further parish campaign information download the PDF below.