PLEDGED: $289,961
RECEIVED: $276,453*

Amount parish received: $261,773
Parish Funds spent: $249,330

*outstanding pledges have received follow-up; unlikely to collect 80% of these owing to pledgees having moved, changed financial circumstances, and having deceased since the campaign concluded.


Final Update (November 19, 2023)

With the majority of identified projects completed (Parish Centre renovation; Prayer Garden renewal; Statues cases in church; Ministry Fund) and insufficient funds to address any of the lower priority items identified at the outset of the campaign (new sign, clear protectors for stained glass, etc.) The Finance Committee of the parish has recommended that the residue of the One Heart, One Soul funds be made available for the funding of the installation of the St. Michael’s College organ in our loft space, and the reflooring of that choir area there.

The very old carpeting in the choir loft needs to come up having trapped several decades of dust and debris — not good for our newly acquired Casavant organ, or the choir who sing from here!

Garden work now underway (April 19, 2022)

The renewal of the parish prayer garden is one of the principal projects of our One Heart, One Soul campaign. Frustrated by the delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are at last getting the job underway!

This work will be combined with a necessary “emergency” project to control flooding through the rear parish centre doors. This problem was discovered during the spring thaw that was accompanied by heavy rains. Water came into the parish centre making a small lake on the new parish centre floor — this was distressing to say the least.

All-in-One Landscaping of Dundas has been contracted to install a drainage system to carry water away from the doorway and into a series of drains, including a catch basin that will be put in front of the doors in question.

Drainage trenches being dug on the Elgin St. side of the parish campus.
Weather-proofing our parish centre back door.

Once this has been completed, the renovation of the Marian garden and installation of new outdoor benches, etc. will be undertaken by them. The hope is that by June, the majority of the overall project will be completed.

Parish Centre Reno start January 11, 2021 (Dec. 8, 2020)

Work on the Parish Centre is set to begin January 11, 2021 with demolition of the parish hall. The old parquet floor will be taken up, old ceiling tiles coming down. Storage areas slated for conversion have been emptied, and the contents moved to a basement room of the centre.

Dundas Valley Construction has mapped out a timetable for the renovation that should see the last of this project completed the week of February 14.

The phases of work that will follow demolition will be first structural the following week—new door and window for newly created space on the ground floor of the centre. HVAC will be extended into this space as it is framed and drywalled. Painting is slated to start January 25, and the new floor to be laid beginning February 1. Finishing carpentry, and hanging of a new room divider in our back meeting room to done between February 8 and 16.

Some of the work being done is not part of the project as originally conceived. However, the Parish Advisory Council and the One Heart, One Soul project committee agreed that some other work, such as repainting of the centre, would be best be done in conjunction with the makeover of the parish hall.

The renewal of the parish Marian garden is going forward. The Parish Advisory Council has okayed the proposal outline developed by the working group. They will now be asked to develop a budget and timeline for that work.

$10,000 has been invested with the diocese for the creation of the Ministry Fund, a parish grant program for ministry groups of the parish to fund projects, education for ministry and other initiatives. A total of $40,000 is to be set aside for this, and it is hoped that we can fully fund this by the end of the three-year donation schedule of the campaign.

The One Heart, One Soul campaign has updated us on the status of our pledges. As of the end of 2020 our totals are:

Total pledged:                 $285,681

Total paid:                        $179,177

Balance outstanding: $106,504

Parish Share: $134,383

Funds Drawn: $53,100

Funds Available: $81,283

Parish Centre reno contract awarded (Oct. 14, 2020)

After due deliberation, and under the advice of our project committee and with endorsement of the Parish Advisory Committee, the contract for the Parish Centre renovation has been awareded to Dundas Valley Construction Inc. Congratulations and welcome to DVC!

Garden Advisory Report (September 17, 2020)

A visualization of possible changes and improvements to the gardens behind the Parish Centre.

One of the priority projects of One Heart, One Soul is the renewal of our parish garden adjacent to the Parish Centre, a place of quiet reflection, prayers, but also fellowship. Richard Te Boekhorst, Leo Volpato and Lucy Dubeckyj are the members of the advisory group providing guidance to our parish for this important work.

They recently got together to look at our existing garden to identify problems and make suggestions to update the garden. They have sent in this preliminary report:

The Team agreed that this project, once completed should be a garden as LOW MAINTENANCE as possible, providing a background for various Parish outdoor activities.

The following is not a set plan, it is a summary of the Team’s observations and suggestions.

It was suggested that the improvements be made in 2 parts. Part One could address the lawn, outdoor lighting, tree removal and trimming, and a re-do of Mary’s Garden itself. There are some existing issues with the location of Mary’s garden, namely the large Walnut tree which prevents plants from thriving, some drainage issues, the large rocks have sunk into the ground, the soil has been depleted and the rocks behind the garden are full of invasive weeds vines and other growth. Due to the amount of work it will be to correct all this, moving this garden to another location in the yard may be simpler. The team did consider issues such as protecting the new statue and relocating the security cameras should this come about.

All of the original perimeter gardens (planted 10-15 years ago) have had too many years of neglect and cannot be salvaged as they are. The team suggested that they not be replaced with new gardens, but to simplify the majority of the perimeter by just having a nice lawn to the fence line, creating tidy ringed mulch beds around existing trees and keeping actual plants and flowers to around garden features. The lawn itself is in bad shape and should be redone; and to extend the garden use into the evening, some solar post lights installed to light the path.

Part Two of the renewal could consist of adding outdoor Stations of the Cross ( perhaps weather proofing and repurposing the Crucifix previously in the Church), improving or replacing the pathway and adding a memorial wall, as well as looking at the possibility of reintroducing a couple of flower garden areas.

              Your Advisory Team (Leo, Richard and Lucy)

One Heart One Soul

Campaign Anniversary

We are coming up to the one-year anniversary of the One Heart One Soul campaign at St. Augustine’s Parish. Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners, we raised over $283,000 during the campaign last fall. Many of you are still making regular installments toward your pledged gift and we remain grateful for your support. The Parish Centre renovation will get underway early in 2021. This undertaking was made possible through the campaign. The Parish Centre, once the renovations are completed, will transform into a wonderful venue to celebrate parish life and ministry. On behalf of the One Heart One Soul committee -thanks again for helping us exceed our fundraising goal!

Renovation Committee announces timeline for work

Kim van den Heuvel, chairman of the parish centre renovation committee reported to the Parish Advisory Committee at its August 19 meeting that she expects that work on the parish centre, the hall floor, lighting, etc. will likely not start until January 2021. Availability of contractors for the work is the principal reason. The upside to the delay is that this will allow the hall to be used for meetings and other activities of the parish (albeit under the “less than 50” rule of the current provincially-mandated COVIC-19 protocols). Although work won’t begin until the new year, the team overseeing the project are confident that the major aspects of the renovation will be completed by the end of February.
Contractors have been on site with members of the committee and we expect their bids will start to come in soon.

Parish Hall Renewal Project

Detail of revised plan from project committee (July 7, 2020) Note: raised “stage” area removed in favour of purchase of portable risers; creation of office and meeting room adjacent to hall; “garage” area reduced to function as storage for gardening equipment and provide an inside workshop.
Revised plan (July 7, 2020) with proposed wall treatment and interior windows into office and meeting space, new doors.

Comments are welcome on this design proposal. Parish council will be considering the proposal and reflecting on parishioner feedback. A subcommittee to make a final proposal will be struck shortly to work with the designer and develop a detailed budget and arrange for contractors. The hope is to have the bulk of the work, that is the new floor and lighting, finished by late September.

One important aspect of the design is the placing of all meeting space on the ground level, expanding that space, and moving our storage to the below grade areas of the parish centre. This is in keeping with diocesan guidelines that meetings be held in “visible” areas of the parish facilities, and be readily accessible. The small elevator that provides access to the basement meeting space for those with mobility issues is currently out of service; putting it back in service will involve the installation of new machinery, not simply a repair. A full costing of that has not been provided.

Goal Achieved!

Our Goal: $270,000
  Raised/Pledged: $283,468

For further parish campaign information download the PDF below.